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▼Segment EL▼Introduction of Segment EL switch▼Example of component
■About Segmel
The EL was segmented, and the technology that independently lit the picture and the character, etc. was developed though EL was chiefly used by the usage of the backlight so far. The switch (dome switch and electrostatic switch, etc.) and the general view design parts will be integrated and we offer the operation panel with the indicator in the seat of 1mm or less in thickness at a low price.
Because it is a seat where the display, the switch, and the design parts combine, the low price, the high assembly, and the design are achieved.
■Themerit of segmented EL as a circuit
Divided freely installing EL makes each segment turn on and off.
Building the specific control IC and inverter power supply can directly control the EL.
Fully separating the ac power supply EL and control circyit.
Interface can alternate LED.
The segments are arranged by 4*4 and 8*8 matrix circuit.
■The merit of the structure of segment EL
No need to set up the position of the exterior film and EL sheet.
Producing the beautiful key-top wiyhout light leaking and colour slipping off.
Free selectibg the color and various colour design.
Free colour co-oradination whike lighting and non-lighting.
■The positioning map of the segmented EL
The combination of degmented switch and circuit
L/10 thiner than LED+Original SW.
Lighting position is as same as SW.
Cutting greatly the number of parts.
Cutting the process of assembly.
Free Design.
Sharing the wiring of SW matrix,makes the lighting of segmented EL and SW input independent.
No need of the output port for segmented EO and you can cut the cost of oarts.
An inverter for EL contained.
■Segmented EL + touch display
Provide the high quality of transoarent thin paneru switch.
The control switch itself is jighting.
Free designing of switch and lighting.
Favorite colour lighting.
■The segmented SW is a thin film
Requirement of parts and C/B and electric parts.  
Composition of one or two films.
The initial cost of the mold appears when deisgn it.  
The initial cost is mesh and design.
Non-free design due to the height 0f it.  
Producing by pronting.
Increase the free design.
Complextly of the design due to various parts.  
Reduce the producy process wuth attaching the SW.
Many composition process due to many parts.  
Increase the free design.
Non-free design due to the size of the depth.  
Ascending the imporatance of design with a sheet.
■Example of slide control
 ■The sound volume display    
Push + key,the key lits and the volume increases.

 ■LLevel meter    ■Switch off timer
  The graph moves according to the sound volume level.     Displey the remining time.

 ■Graphic display    ■The temaining display
  Graphs is displayed at randam.     Displaying yhe remaining randam.

■Example of the 10keys
  ■Keyboard display   ■Lighting the back of character   ■Lighting the character  
    ■Frame is lighting   ■Lightin the key you need  
Examples of switch on and off
  Display variation increases due to on and off with each egment  
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